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Pão de Queijo

A brief history of Brazilian cheese rolls

Pão de Queijo (pronounced Pawn Di Kejo) means Bread Of Cheese in Portuguese.

Made from Manioc, Tapioca Flour was originally harvested back in the year 1600 without much demand. It wasn't until approximately 200 years later, when cheese was introduced with the tapioca flour, that their compatibility gradually stirred up some excitement. Today, these unique cheese rolls are a mainstay of Brazilian society and can be found everywhere in the country – from grocery stores, bakeries, cafés, restaurants, and wine bars to streetside stands.

SayCheezZ has taken the original recipe and perfected it for a delicious AND healthy bite that will make you SayCheezZ!

Where you can find our cheese rolls:

And, of course, at our bakery in Grayton Beach, FL

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