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Pão de Queijo

A brief history of Brazilian cheese rolls

Pão de Queijo (pronounced Pawn Di Kejo) means Bread Of Cheese in Portuguese.

Made from Manioc, Tapioca Flour was originally harvested back in the year 1600 without much demand. It wasn't until approximately 200 years later, when cheese was introduced with the tapioca flour, that their compatibility gradually stirred up some excitement. Today, these unique cheese rolls are a mainstay of Brazilian society and can be found everywhere in the country – from grocery stores, bakeries, cafés, restaurants, and wine bars to streetside stands.

SayCheezZ has taken the original recipe and perfected it for a delicious AND healthy bite that will make you SayCheezZ!

Where you can find our cheese rolls:

And, of course, at our bakery in Grayton Beach, FL

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Award Winning Cheese Rolls

  • 4th Annual Gluten Free Awards
    We'd like to THANK YOU ALL very much for voting for SayCheezZ during the 4th Annual Gluten Free Awards hosted by GFreek.com!! We got the SILVER in our category, peopleZZZZ!!!! Holy Moly, LET'S GET SOLD FOR THE GOLD!!!! (Best Gluten Free New Product)
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What they're saying about us

  • Simply Gluten Free Magazine
    Carol Kicinski, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, has SayCheezZ on her Products I Recommend and Why! list.
    "You get traditional South American street food easy as can be, and gluten-free – no passport required!"
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  • Gluten Free Girl in MS
    GFAF Wellness Event: In Review
    My personal favorite new find from the event was the Brazilian Cheese Bread from SayCheezZ.
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  • Simply Savvy Supermom
    SayCheezZ!! Find Out What I'm Smiling About!
    They have the perfect savory flavor with a slight saltiness that is very satisfying and addicting
    I can say with 100% certainty that I will continue to order Brazilian cheese rolls from SayCheezZ. Their product is superior and their customer service is the best I have ever experienced anywhere.

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  • SoWal
    SayCheezZ Brazilian Cheese Rolls are a Beach Treat
    "Bea and Raf are dedicated to producing an excellent product that is both healthy and heavenly. The ingredients chosen to make the SayCheezZ Brazilian rolls are carefully selected using only the finest, locally and regionally supplied gluten-free and organic ingredients."
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